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Florival Pécrot (6km)

The walk starts in Florival near the Dyle.
(As the ground is often wet and muddy, walkers are advised to wear waterproof shoes or boots.)
Eglise Pécrot Park your car in rue de Florival on the open ground between the small castle and the office buildings. Follow the road to the left down past the water treatment plant. Turn right along the path just before the river. After about 20 metres turn right again along a narrow path beside the perimeter fence of the sewage plant. Continue as far as a small bridge on the left. Cross the bridge and follow the path across the wooden planks. On the right lie the wetlands where the small stream, the Petit (Little) Marbaise, originates. Continue straight on between the two lines of poplar trees, ignoring the track which goes off to the right. Now on the left there is a line of pollarded willows beside the Dyle, whilst on the right is marshland with a plantation of grey alder. After the willows there is a plantation of pine and oak on the left, followed by open farmland. Follow the track round to the right. Take the first path to the left (at the noticeboard).
Etang Pécrot This path runs between marshland with a grey alder plantation on the left, and on the right the waters of the Petite Marbaise with private back gardens beyond. At the end of this path cross the little bridge and, where the path splits, turn right along the edge of the lake. The path to the left leads to a nesting area for wild birds and therefore is closed to the public.
At this end of the lake the view is restricted by a large, marshy island of reeds and trees, which provides a resting place for migrating birds. Continue round the lake to the parking area; leave this by the vehicle track that leads to Rue Georges Pensis. At the main road turn right, cross the railway and turn right again into Rue Constant Wauters.

At this point you can choose either:
1. the original walk as shown on the IGN map (see above), which continues up the first road on the left, Rue Arthur Snaps, as far as Chemin des Etiques/Rue de la Chapelle Robert; or else

2. a recent variation which is highly recommended, and which takes you to Rue Chapelle Robert by a path through woods and then across open fields.
chapelle Robert For this route, at house number 102A turn left into a path that runs up beside a high wall. This path is part of the GR 579, a long-distance footpath connecting Brussels to Liège, and is way-marked by means of a red and white stripe. Follow the path into the woods, bearing right to skirt private property. At the T-junction turn left, and continue up this path to the edge of the wood. At this T-junction, where there is a clear view across to Nethen Church, follow the track to the right; at the oblique junction bear right again (here leaving the GR which continues straight on); this track becomes Chemin des Etiques and leads to the crossroads with Rue Arthur Snaps where you rejoin the original route.
Take Rue de la Chapelle Robert. At the Chapelle Robert cross Rue de la Malhaise into Rue de la Chapelle. Pass Drève des Taillis on your right and take the narrow path straight on into a sunken lane leading down through the woods as far as the railway. Near the bottom of this path stands a memorial to local workers who were ambushed and killed by Germans on their return home to Néthen from the factory in Florival. Cross first the railway at the pedestrian crossing and then the main road, and return to the car park.